‘He did not cut the mustard’. What does this mean?

merlot mustard in Australia

‘He did not cut the mustard’. What does this mean? If you know could you please tell us! In the meantime The Gold River Company ‘makes the mustard’ and fine mustards they are.

Mustard Information

All our mustards are made from Canadian [no local seed this year] seed which is of the highest quality and made in small batches. We have 3 mustards: Smoked Mustard; Merlot Mustard and Honey mustard. Our mustards are available in 150 gram jars and 800 gram tubs for restaurants and caterers.

The Smoked Mustard is made from mustard seed that has been smoked with seasoned olive wood from Fish Creek, South Gippsland – not liquid smoke! It is an apple cider vinegar based mustard recipe that has quite a kick – excellent on just about anything.

The Merlot mustard is made from our 12 year old Merlot Vinegar from the Bass Coast and is particularly good with choice cuts of beef – it has medium heat. A top shelf sophisticated mustard.

The Honey Mustard is made from local honey; currently it is being made from Yellow Box from Castlemaine and is an apple cider vinegar based recipe. It is best with ham or chicken or added to sauces and dressing for extra flavor.

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