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The Gold River Company is a wholesale provedore of gourmet local produce – and some imported produce. It all began a number of years ago by picking our neighbor’s olive grove then arranging for the pressing, bottling and labeling of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Since then our business has expanded and we now sell products in 13 different categories with about 40 variant lines.
We still sell the same Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ‘Pure Frantoio’ as well as making a number of different Red Wine Vinegars [from local wines]; Gourmet Mustards and Glazes. We will have our first White Wine Vinegar, Sauvignon Blanc, later in the year.

Our Company has a relationship with Valley River Mountain and Crabtree Salts where we pack and label products that have been made especially for us. This includes a range of smoked and infused salts from the Murray Darling Basin; Smoked Dukkah & Smoked Mustard Seed and our famous Devil’s Mix No9 blend.

Regional Victoria and in particular Castlemaine is where we source much of our local Honey’s and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Black Peppercorns from the only black peppercorn farm in Australia, in Northern Queensland, are regularly sent down to us. We also buy our locally grown Saffron from Mirboo North, Victoria.

We supply a number of gourmet grocers, IGA stores and provedore outlets throughout Melbourne, South Gippsland and Bass Coast. We also supply several wholesalers.

To view our range go to www.thegoldrivercompany.com.au

If you think our products are suitable for your business please contact us and we will come to you and show you and discuss our range.

We have trademarked a logo ‘Absolutely Australian’ which we put on many of our Gourmet food products. On the logo it states ‘All ingredients in this product have been grown and/or produced in Australia’. We are working towards putting this on all our products.

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Absolutely Australian Trademark - The Gold River Company