Raw Local Honey – Cold Extracted – Cold Bottled Our local honey is as good as it gets. We have One Kilo tubs ofYellow Box and Messmate.
the postage cost for that item is over $20.00!

You get 4 kilos of Honey, in any combination you want, for $85. FREE delivery anywhere in Victoria, NSW, Queensland & South Australia.

Give someone Honey for Christmas or treat yourself, your family and your friends with some of nature’s Gold.
Orders sent within 72 hours of ordering.

Raw Yellow Box

– Harvested in The Pyrenees, Western Victoria

– Golden in colour

– Runny and sweet

– Australia’s most popular Honey

Raw Honeysuckle

– Harvested in The Won Wron State Forest, Southy Gippsland

– Bronze in colour

– Tastes like boiled English Toffee’s

– High in nutrients

Raw Giant Mallee

– Harvested in the Sunraysia Region

– Dark brown in colour

– Mid strength flavour

– High in antioxidants

Snowflake Salts

The Gold River Company sells a rangeofsmoked and infused salts. The salt itself is a Snowflake variety that is harvested by hand `{`shovels`}` from the Murray Darling Basin, Victoria.


The Gold River Company has recently began making glazes. Excellent for adding to your cooking – sauces, glazes or marinades. Or simply use as toppings for desserts, yoghurts and ice cream. All glazes are made in small batches.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Gold River Company sell two EVOO. Both are grown in Fish Creek, South Gippsland and are pressed `{`cold extraction`}` on site the same day the olives are picked.

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The Gold River Company sell a number of products in grinders. They are high quality grinders made of glass with an adjustable ceramic head grinder made to be reusable for a very long time.


The Gold River Company makes and sources quality vinegar products.

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Smoked Dukkah

Our Smoked Dukkah is made from premium ingredients then smoked using ‘seasoned olive wood’ from Fish Creek, South Gippsland. Excellent when used with our ‘Pure Frantoio’ Extra Virgin Olive oil.Available in 70 gram jars.


Grown and cured in Mirboo North, Gippsland, this high quality Saffron is available in 1 gram vials, ½ gram vials and 25 strand vials.Available in 1 gram, ½ gram and glass vials ( 25 strands ).



All our gourmet mustards are additive & preservative free and are excellent with meat, fish or add to marinades, sauces and dressings for extra flavor. Take your pick!